Narrative Directing Reel

The Art of Dying Daily

Ricky Limon

11-yearl old desert nomad Ricky Limon picks up Missy - a Reno bound stripper - in the middle of the Nevada desert. Missy’s boyfriend Tony is looking for her and it is inevitable that Ricky and Tony clash when fighting over who is with Missy.


A retired wall street banker and recent widower takes has been taking advantage of his housekeeper until today…


New to Los Angeles, proud Paris native Andre struggles to adjust to his new home. When an act of vandalism strikes his car, Andre must decide whether violence and revenge is the best way to keep his wife and soon-to-be-born son safe.

That Thursday

A day in the life of Ray and Misty, a couple on the brink of a breakup. When Ray’s friend Jess comes to stay with them, things turn out better for Misty than for Ray.



A 1980’s christmas family dinner goes astray when the older cousin decides to seduce the younger one.

Drama,  15:07, Color, HD

01:27 (Trailer), Color, HD


Drama, TRT 26:21, Color, HD

Drama, TRT 09:26, Color, HD

Drama, TRT 17:19, Color, Super 16mm

Dramedy, TRT 13:06, Color, HD